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Swimming eye wear

The solution for spectacle and contact lens wearers who enjoy swimming. Gator lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic and provide highly effective protection against UV-light (99%). A special and durable Anti fog-coating in the lens interior guarantees good visibility within a short time, even if there are considerable changes in temperature (air/water). The lens power corresponds to the required prescription and they give a broad field of vision.

Swimmers are exposed to a broad spectrum of chemicals applied to the water to prevent infections, so goggles are needed to protect the eyes. Goggles therefore need to fit well. Lamellar seals of flexible and skin-friendly silicone elastomer are used around the Gator lenses enabling them to fit various face shapes comfortably and securely.

To discuss the right sports eye wear for you, pop into Specs of Kensington and one of our professional dispensing opticians will guide through our selection of frames making sure that you get the perfect pair of sporting eyewear for your face shape and life style. You can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.