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Raquet Sports

Raquet sports eye wear

Sports such as squash, tennis and badminton may seem relatively harmless, but they involve objects moving at 60 miles per hour or faster. During a typical game, a squash ball can travel between 60 and 200 miles per hour. Another potential danger is that the rackets themselves move at high speed in a confined space.

Flying objects aren‘t the only hazard. Many eye injuries come from pokes and jabs by fingers and elbows, particularly in games where players are in close contact with each other. Basketball, for example, has an extremely high rate of eye injury.
The lenses are usually made of polycarbonate, which is impact resistant, so works well to protect the eyes from fast moving objects. The material also has a built-in UV protection valuable for outdoor sports.

Safety is a great reason to wear protective eyewear, another aspect has to do with performance. It used to be common for people with mild to moderate prescriptions to simply participate in sports without wearing their glasses or contacts. Coaches and players soon recognised that clear, sharp vision is a vital ingredient in sports performance, and participating in sports with less than 20/20 vision is counterproductive.

To discuss the right sports eye wear for you, pop into Specs of Kensington and one of our professional dispensing opticians will guide through our selection of frames making sure that you get the perfect pair of sporting eyewear for your face shape and life style. You can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.