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Sailing is a tough sport and the people who take part in it need to be able to put up with gale force winds and spray whipping off the ocean or lakes.

To cope with the stresses and strains of sailing, your equipment needs to stand up to the test. This includes the latest innovative sunglasses from Adidas, particularly the Tycane Pro.

The Tycane Pro is primed for watersports with a head strap and a float. With hydrophobic lenses that shed salt water and dirt, these sunglasses feature a wraparound design for unbeatable vision and protection.

Eyewear with these lenses can block out the glare caused by the sun reflecting off the water‘s surface. As well as protecting the eyes from extremely bright sunlight, polarised lenses options are also available can increase detail and clarity.

This means a sailor can read the water for gusts of wind when racing, which can be the difference between winning and losing.

The toughness of the environment means that lightweight frames, as well as lenses that stand up to scratches and are impact resistant are perfect. These are the ideal type of sunglasses for sailing in.

This model has a removable Float which in water meaning they can be recovered even if they are lost in the sea. The lenses are treated so they can clear water instantly off the lens surface, giving you maximum vision and protection at all times.

When it comes to picking the right sailing sunglasses for you, you must weigh up style and substance. Of course, you want to look good out on the water, but when it comes to water sports sunglasses they must do the job.

Ultimately, you want top levels of protection, minimum colour distortion and great UV filtration. Grey lenses tend to be a good all-round lens offering very good contrast and detail, so sailors can read the water ahead.

Unfortunately, you can‘t always guarantee good weather when it comes to sailing and fog can often sweep in unannounced. In these conditions yellow lenses can help, while amber shades again offer good levels of detail and contrast when out on the water.

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