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Golf eye wear

The Light Stabalizing Technology by adidas eyeware intensifies contrasts in the green zone and harmonises extreme light fluctuations. This prevents rapid eye fatigue caused by the interplay of light and shaddow. This enables you to concentrate fully and make the correct decisions.

Frames are available with the whole lens containing the prescription or with an insert behind the lenses for accurate correction of vision. The front wraps around to give a wide field of view. Traction grips along the side and the ability to adjust the angle of the side enable you to achieve a secure, comfortable fit.

To discuss the right sports eye wear for you, pop into Specs of Kensington and one of our professional dispensing opticians will guide through our selection of frames making sure that you get the perfect pair of sporting eyewear for your face shape and life style. You can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.