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Cycling eye wear

Most frames are available with prescription or non-prescription lenses. Sports frames are constructed of highly impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate, and most come with rubber padding to cushion the frame where it contacts the nose or face.

Some sports styles are contoured, wrapping around the face which works well for cycling as it helps keep out wind and dust and gives a wide field of vision. Adidas frames have a Double-Snap Nose BridgeTM and three level height adjustment at the temples making it possible to adapt the frame to the individual.

Today, sports goggles are an accepted part of everyday life, much the way bike helmets have. In addition, both children and adults like the image that wearing protective eyewear gives them: it shows they mean business.

To discuss the right sports eye wear for you, pop into Specs of Kensington and one of our professional dispensing opticians will guide through our selection of frames making sure that you get the perfect pair of sporting eyewear for your face shape and life style. You can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.