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VDU & Corporate Services

VDU & Corporate Services

The 1992 Health and Safety Regulations (Display Screen Equipment) require that if an employee uses a computer screen (VDU) then the employer must provide eye tests at regular intervals and provide the necessary corrective eyewear for their employees work.

The two basic provisions of the Regulations are that the employer is responsible for the testing of the employees eyes ‘at regular intervals‘ which is normally every two years. Should it be found that visual correction is needed; the employer is required to provide special corrective appliances. In plain language this is a pair of spectacles specifically for use with a VDU or computer screen that the employer must provide and pay for.

Our fully qualified optometrists will conduct a thorough eye examination to establish the standard of your employee‘s eyesight and the health of their eyes including:-

  • Both interior and exterior examinations of the eyes including extra ocular muscle function tests
  • Retinal photography for detection and monitoring of eye conditions and overall health
  • A complete history as well as symptoms
  • A check of internal eye pressure
  • Screening of the visual fields
  • Colour perception
  • A report of prescription needed

Our optometrist will also give a recommendation for the follow-up corporate eye test, the time frame of which will depend on the individual circumstances; however, it is usually every two years.

For more information to book your corporate eye test please contact Specs of Kensington.