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Types of Contact Lenses

Types of Contact Lenses

Daily disposable

These are the ultimate in convenience, no hassle, no cleaning. Each lens is fresh and sterile and up to 98% oxygen permeable. Suitable for full and part time wearers

Daily disposable lenses for astigmatism

Now available in a wide range of prescriptions.

Silicone Hydrogels

Ever found your eyes becomming tired and vision blurring at the end of the day, then silicone hydrogels enable you to wear your contact lenses longer and let more oxygen through to the eyes. They are therefore more comfortable and healthier. Now available as a Daily Disposable - Acuvue Tru Eye and Sauflon Clariti. Sauflon Clariti daily disposable lenses are also available in toric for astigmatism and multifocal prescriptions.

Soft disposable

Fortnightly or monthly disposable.

Toric soft

No longer is astigmatism a problem if you want the convenience and comfort of soft lenses. For most power ranges you can get monthly disposable toric lenses, and for some even daily disposable toric lenses. We can also correct both presbyopia (you require seperate distance and reading correction) and astigmatism with soft monthly disposable lenses.

Multifocal or Varifocal

If reading is becoming a problem, there is a solution for soft and rigid lens wearers. Multifocal contact lenses incorporate two powers; one corrects your distance vision and the other corrects your reading vision. Sometimes these powers are blended together or alternatively they can be separated. Multifocal lenses are available in monthly, two-weekly and daily disposable lenses. We can offer you freedom from reading glasses.


Monovision is an alternative to using varifocal contact lenses for presbyopia. With monovision you wear one contact lens in your dominant eye to correct long vision and near focusing contact lens in the other eye. Even though you use both of your eyes, when you are looking at something in the distance the brain gives most of its attention to the visual input from the dominant eye. Thus, if you use a contact lens with distance correct on the dominant eye, it will not be difficult to get used to because you're not changing the way you see naturally. Over time, your brain will learn to focus on the input from the non dominant eye when you are reading or doing another task that required you to rely on your close-up vision. Whilst the concept of monovision sounds odd, most people adapt quickly to monovision contact lenses.

Myopia control

For more information about Myopia Control visit our  Myopia Control page

Overnight vision correction - iGo Orthokeratology

Correct your vision while you sleep - Imagine waking up each morning with prefect vision and not having to wear contact lenses or glasses through the day. i-GO overnight vision correction (OVC) lenses correct your vision whilst you sleep so you remove them each morning to leave you with crisp unaided vision through the day. i-GO lenses are custom made lenses which gently reshape your eyes while you sleep. They are suitable if you are moderately short sighted (myopic) up to -5 and even if you have mild astigmatism up to -1.5. The effect is reversible and the risks are no greater than with daytime contact lenses.Check out the i-GO website and watch the video on YouTube to find out how it works.

Rigid gas permeable

For some prescriptions these offer a superior quality of vision particularly if you have higher astigmatism. They are also available in multifocal corrections so that you can see things clearly in the distance and still read comfortably.

Monthly Extended Wear

Up to 30 days continuous wear. Now you can fall asleep and wake up to clear, comfortable and healthy vision.

Coloured lenses

You can either enhance the natural colour of your eyes or change them completely. They are also available as daily disposable coloured lenses.