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Handle and Caring for Your CLs

Handle and Caring for Your CLs

Before you leave the practice, you will be taught how to handle your new contact lenses by our skilled optometry team in order to best care for your eyes.

This involves application and removal of the contact lenses from your eyes and also instructions on how to clean and look after them if they are not daily disposable lenses. Wearing contact lenses safely involves commitment from you on following our instructions on disposal of the lenses or cleaning and disinfecting. This is VERY important. Dirty contact lenses can cause lots of problems including infections, discomfort and may reduce your optical vision.

Do not change your contact lens cleaning system without advice from us. Once you are competent with the handling you start to build up your wearing time gradually.

Further written advice is available in our Factsheet section. Watch the training videos below for further helpful tips on how to handle your lenses easily and safely.


Contact Lens Insertion and Removal


Advice for Contact Lens Wearers


Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

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