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Our Testimonials

The new lenses are stunning

Mr P.W. London

The new lenses are stunning. They were instantly comfortable. The transistion from near to far focus is seamless - the best yet. Most importantly there are no issues with peripheral visison, the coverage is better than any of my previous lenses. 

I cant' thank you enough!

Mrs C.W. Dorset

 I can't thank you enough for the time, care and good advice you have given me over the years.

the best practice with the finest team

Mr A.B. Newbury

 I have to Daska, you honestly have the best practice with the finest team and I am pleased to be a Specs patient.

a place which one instantly recognises is a class

R.C-B London

From my point of view, I'd say that a few times in a lifetime one comes across a place which one instantly recognises is a class above the ordinary in its professionalism,  care and commitment; and for me that has been the case with Specs of Kensington.

I went to a grand ophthalmologist in Harley Street as a child when I really didn't need that level of expertise, but in my adult life for 25 years or so I'd been going to the usual suspects of High Street chains in the City. Nothing whatever wrong with them, and certainly nothing ever to complain about, but they were all a bit soulless, impersonal and obviously commercial. And then Craig did me a good turn and pointed me in your direction, and I knew immediately that I was in MUCH better hands. Your care for the individual rather just the pair of eyes shines out and is utterly exemplary;  and your concern and attention  to detail, and also the way that you explain things in a human way, is just in a totally different league to any optician, ophthalmologist or optometrist I've seen in a generation. It's obvious that your standards and passion apply across the whole staff too. 

So THANK YOU. That's one part of my welfare that I know forever is in as good hands as it can be.

Congratulations on your 30th year....

S.R. London

Dear Daska,

It was so lovely to see you when I came in for my appointment and catch up on news. Thank you for the glasses spray cleaner and cloth which are coming in very handy. Congratulations on running your superb eye business in your 30th year. I have you and your wonderful team to thank for my healthy eye and continued comfortable contact lens wear - started 25 years ago for sharpened sight on my wedding day. 


Daska was AMAZING!....

R.P. London

Daska was AMAZING. I'm so used to Specsavers/ Vision Express type outfits and was so bowled over by the level of service, information received and the overall treat.ment throughout. Many, many thanks. It was an overall brilliant experience

A wonderful, friendly and welcoming practice...

P.C. Kensington

For Twenty years I tried unsuccessfully to wear contact lenses and I decided to give it one last go and booked an appointment at Specs of Kensington. Daska was fantastic. She very patiently took me through numerous types of lenses and unbelievably she found one that suited my prescription when I had been told by so many opticians that I wasn't a suitable candidate for contact lenses. That was nine years ago and since then Daska has been constantly updating my prescription and providing me with new and up to date solutions for my eyes.

Specs of Kensington is a wonderful, friendly and welcoming practice. They have all the latest equipment. The after care is first class and the personal attention one receives is highly professional. I have no hesitation in recommending friends as I know they will be treated in the same manner as I have been.

A friendly, highly professional, all-female Optometrist team

Jo Fernandez - Evening Standard Travel Journalist

Specs of Kensington - a friendly, highly professional, all-female Optometrist team - fitted my lenses and made the whole process easy and painless. They explained exactly how the lenses work illustrating the treatment with hi-tech images and information which I found fascinating. I can't recommend them highly enough.

They are exceptional! Highly recommended!

E.L. East Acton

I have many good things to say about Specs of Kensington; after all I have been going to see them for 25 years. When I sat in the shop as a young teenager with my parents and brother, who would have thought that my daughters would be receiving the same love, care and attention from Daska and her team.

My daughter was 7 years old when she was told that she needed glasses. My little girl was taken into a newly equipped room, spoken to as if she was the special one there and given warmth, care and attention. A year later Chloe recognized that she was a sensible careful and capable individual able to cope with using contact lenses. It was not long before, that she could not bear having an eye drop put into her eyes. So the concept of her wearing lenses was only possible because of the beautiful warm manner that Chloe had with her who gave her total undivided encouragement and confidence.

The service we receive at Specs of Kensington goes beyond the basic eye care. They are exceptional. They make us feel special, they have done so for three generations and we always highly recommend their skills to anyone.

I have been a patient of the practice for over 20

J.F. Gerrads Cross

As a patient I am confident in receiving carefully considered advice at each visit, with the issues and options explained clearly. I have no doubt that my best interests are being served, to the extent that on some occasions it has taken Daska several years of patient chiding before I have taken heed of her sound advice.

I have been a patient of the practice for over 20years, travelling each time from Gerrards Cross to be treated by the excellent team at Specs of Kensington. I intend to continue to do so for many years to come

Only professional who has ever listened to me!

S.P. Woking

Thank you so very much for all your kind support & for being so understanding. You are the only professional who has ever listened to me from the beginning and treated me like a person. It is only thanks to you that I wear a contact lens at all. I am grateful for your continuing care, interested and support.

Specs have helped me ever since I was seven...

A.L. East Acton

I am 11 years old and have needed to wear glasses since I was 7. When I was 8, Chloe suggested that I could wear contact lenses because I needed to wear glasses all the time. I did lots of sports so I kept on taking my glasses off.

The people who work at 'Specs' were very kind. I would go in every day for 5 days to learn how to put the contact lenses in. There were days when I thought I could not do it, but Chloe believed I could. Because of their kindness I can now pop my contact lenses in each morning without difficulty and anybody who finds out that I wear contact are amazed.

Specs have helped me ever since I was seven years old and I know they still will for a long time.

I was so grateful to you for dealing with...

C.M. Highgate

I was so grateful to you for dealing with my delinquent eyelids and I am glad to say they have been much better since I started the treatment. I greatly appreciate all your care during my visit. I felt a lot better coming away with your reassurance about eyesight and eyelids.

I want to thank you so very much...

C.B. Hampshire

I want to thank you so very much for seeing me on Friday. You are always so patient, unhurried and kind. I was so anxious about my eyes but came away feeling very much reassured. I look forward to seeing you again in six months time.