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About Specs of Kensington

Leading opticians, Specs of Kensington, has 30 years’ of specialist eye care expertise, providing its clients with a personal, friendly and advanced optometry service.

Specs of Kensington offers a full range of eye care, including optical vision and eye tests, designer glasses and prescription sunglasses and a range of quality contact lenses, including coloured lenses, as well as specialist eye care from some of the country’s leading opticians.

Opened in 1984 by leading optometrist Daska Barnett, while she also worked as senior sessional Optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Specs of Kensington has quadrupled in size, with many team members staying in the family optometry practice for almost its entire history. It is their goal is to be the most respected, dynamic and recommended optometry practice in London.

Daska was joined in 1993 by optician Elaine Styles who specialises in contact lens and primary eye care at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Elaine, now an Honorary Life Member of the British College of Optometrists, also runs the Charity Vision Care for Homeless People.

In 2005 Chloe Robson became a member of the team, also working as a part time practitioner in the specialist Macular Degeneration service at Moorfields. She continues to work part time at Specs while training to be a doctor.

Farida Ahmed joined the Optometry team in 2008. She relocated to London from Newcastle, where she was working with Mike Offord, the optometrist who first employed and trained Daska more than 30 years ago. Always calm and kind, Farida specialises in Paediatric Optometry and Orthokeratology contact lens fitting.

Hala Hassan joined Specs of Kensington in 2011, working part time while she was also at Moorfields Eye Hospital as a Research Fellow in the Corneal and External Disease department, researching the Genetics of Corneal Dystrophies, towards a Doctorate. She continues at Moorfields as a part time practitioner working alongside Consultant Ophthalmologist Bruce Allen in his Ophthalmology service. Her skills include specialist Orthokeratology contact lens fitting. Her approachable manner and warmth have led to her quickly becoming an established and trusted member of the Optometry team.

The Specs of Kensington optometry team have maintained the high standards which have put them at the leading edge of eye care. Their aim is to provide the best possible eye care service, quality designer glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and eye care products for all their clients.

This sense of being part of the same family team also extends to Specs of Kensington’s customers, whose loyalty has helped drive the opticians’ expansion. Incredibly for a central London optometry practice, Specs of Kensington regularly sees three different generations of patients from the same households and even people who‘ve moved to all four corners of the globe still come back to see Specs’ opticians. Currently, Specs of Kensington has people booking eye tests from as far afield as South America, South Africa and Switzerland!

These patients will have noticed big changes to Specs of Kensington over the years, most notably its relocation in 2005 to beautiful new premises. Moving here has allowed the opticians to expand its eye care services and to continue investing in state-of-the-art specialist eye care equipment, maintaining its constant commitment to clinical excellence and the needs of each individual. This remains particularly important for Daska, considering the opticians’ patients range from nine months of age to 99 years old. Everyone enjoys the same unbeatable level of specialist eye care, and access to the best quality glasses, contact lenses and eye care products available.

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, a warm welcome will always await you at Specs of Kensington’s opticians.